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Chicks have arrived! See our variety of breeds here:
Refill your propane tank here. Ask how you can get a discount!

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Our Breeds of Chicks

Our first shipment of chicks arrived on Febraury 17th. We will be getting many different breeds. Here is a short description of each: BROWN LEGHORN The Brown Leghorn is a hardy, non-sitter that lays a very nice large/xlarge white egg. Laying an average of 280 eggs per year.

2017 Garden Trends

Gardening is an ancient art, hobby and passion, but there is always something new to try.

Purina® Equine Videos

Stories of Greatness: Boyd Martin, Three-Day Eventer

Purina Ambassador Boyd Martin has succeeded in the face of incredible obstacles both in and out of competition. Broken bones, a burning barn, his wife’s head injury and even his father’s death, Martin proves no amount of resistance can stop a true champion.